Bodhidharma Sutra 12 : “Every suffering is a Buddha-seed”

That which follows is witnessed on the way.
It’s beyond the ken of arhats and mortals.

When the mind reaches nirvana, you don’t see nirvana.
The mind is nirvana.
If you see nirvana somewhere outside the mind
you’re deluding yourself.

Every suffering is a Buddha-seed.
Suffering impels to seek wisdom.
Yet you can only say that suffering gives rise to Buddhahood.
You can’t say that suffering is Buddhahood.

Your body and mind are the field.
Suffering is the seed,
Wisdom the sprout and
Buddhahood the grain.

When the three poisons are present in your mind,
you live in a land of filth.
When the three poisons are absent from your mind,
you live in a land of purity.

There’s no language that isn’t the dharma.
To talk all day without saying anything is the way.
To be silent all day and still say something isn’t the way.
Hence, neither does a tathagata’s speech depend on silence,
nor does his silence depend on speech.
Nor does his speech exist apart from his silence.

Those who understand both speech and silence are in samadhi.
If you speak when you know, your speech is free.
If you’re silent when you don’t know, your silence is tied.
Language is essentially free. It has nothing to do with attachment.
And attachment has nothing to do with language.

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