Central Dream Channel

from this main power generator of
unfolds many dream dimensions
supported by the central wind channel.
(localized center of the universe)

floors of gardens
on inner lightship structures
provide causality for many sentient beings
who are sub-divisions of I,
born from which I am a subdivision of.

great mother in which I live in her womb -
may great compassion be so below
as it is above.

Agape Nectar


ver so


tiptoes beneath the veil of the night

perfectly protected by the vast unmitigated way

  dream weave dragon

a short human boy crouches beneath

ancient tree below sky swimming fire birds

under a rusty rice hat

carrying a crystal

for the master.


perfectly silently blending into the ancient root pattern

of our DNA -

love has found it’s place.


floating on a winged sailboat

to a crystal palace
above the treeline.


dancing in the clouds


Wanting Nothing

Wanting Nothing
is still wanting somthing
which is Nothing.

Getting Nothing
takes knowing something-
that only when wanting is forgotten
is nothing realized.

Forgetting Nothing
is remembering that
there is nothing left to get.

Thus, having Nothing
is wanting everything-
while remembering
it is already yours.

Word from The One

Pillars of light, steadfast-
uphold your form.

For the umbrella of blessings that showers beneath your reign
does exceed your efforts ten thousand fold.

From this causal space projects all things,
in which the root of manifestation
is known to be pure light.

So long as I am with you
darkness will dissolve as effortlessly
as a diamond thread cuts through warm butter.

One : ness

All beings in all realms
share the same deepest heart
and in the truth’s reguard are kin.

All sharing one love
and feeling the same bliss-

perceiving consciousness
in the same pure awareness.

As many naked faces
condition one taste-

each shard of the expansive heart
flowers from one center
into a vast cosmos.

And to realize this
is to know compassion.

Motions of Emptyness

Releasing form to it’s own dance
is to invite ancient perfection
to fill the dense hallucination of the body.

Like a blue crane singing to an ocean of waves,
the motions of emptyness.

The Texture of Time

The eternally unfolding path of awareness
flows in a hyperintelligent polydimensional pattern.

Through the fabric of all life’s manifestation, the course of events is woven with incredible precision forming the texture of time. This fabric is consciously aligned with the awareness of the beings experiencing it’s reality.

The rythm of the texture is systematically self-regulating, so if ignorance causes the pattern to miss a flow of etherially plotted manifestations, the gross inertia of it’s pattern will provide many portals to return to the Way.

All events that occur within the lifeform’s field of awareness
are faciliated by the DNA’s rendering of perceptions
as facilitated by the causal matrix’s conditions.

So long as being can manifest the discipline to surrender the eternal perfection of everything, the conditions of infinite potential will continue to evolve higher levels of novelty.

Only one ever

Imagine you are locked in an unlimitedly large room forever
and you’re the only one there ever was.

Yet in this room you can do anything you want
including clone yourself and experience the room
from multiple points of view,
encountering yourself from different angles
and interact with yourself.

This room contains invisible structures which empower you
to model any conditions with which
you will experience everything the room,
such as the ability to manifest any bodily form
and any mental structure through the balancing of conditions
in a computer-like interface that appears when you close your eyes.

What crazy levels of novelty would you manifest to fend off boredom,
and how would you maintain the balance of your creations?

Welcome to the universe.

Buddha Lightship

The buddhas are wise in
securing an eternal portal to one:ness
through the hard work of self-realization.

Beyond gods of their own domain,
the ultimately realized beings live eternally
in self-causal cosmos
balancing portals with primal unity.

Free to participate in the cyclical realms-
they cut like threads of light through
shadows of ignorance and delusion,
skillfully sharing the wealth of infinity.

Steadfast under the vortexual force
of ten thousand yonis inviting the seed of time-
their karmic agility makes mindfulness it’s master.

Liberated from the bondage of cyclical institution,
they open their eyes to find themselves sitting-
wise buddhas.

Horizontal Power Column

This physical arrangment of conditions
results in energetic benfits to your biological existance.

‹/A\›Energy portal

01. Sit upright with legs in lotus position.
02. Spin your two hands around eachother as fast as possible in a cirular fashion,
03. at chest height, with elbows pointed outwards,
04. while sitting comfortably upright and breathing fairly heavily.

Continue this pattern for a number of minutes.

^\V/^Crown activation

05. Lucidly visualize the top of your head as a flower,
06. it slowly opens wide to the sun.

Galactivating plant alliance technology.