Kundalini Awakening

A couple of years ago, the kundalini energy began to awaken. Coming upon me during meditation, it was perceived as a glowing energy starting at the base of my spine, flowing upwards, which I could control with my mind as I might an internal snake or tail, to circulate energy throughout my body. I was in total ignorance to what this was. I projected all sort of delusions onto it, as I had not context in which to fit it.

I thought I was reaching some ultimate goal in controlling this energy, but it was only the humble beginning.

Then I met a reiki healer, who imformed me that what I was experiencing was what ancient eastern teachings reffer to as kundalini. She helped to unblock some of my chakras, which were filled with various delusions and conditioned feilds, which were preventing it from rising fully into my heart, third eye and brain/crown. This is what I refer to as the Kundalini Ascent, in chunks.

Tons of kundalini is released in an orgasm, so that you need to charge it up again afterwards, which can take weeks/months. If channeled properly, it can bring about physical healing, incredible bliss (when brought into the brain) and immense self-confidence in any situation practically defeating any fear. Though it is easy to abuse like a toy or a drug, if you just sit there all day and squirt it up your spine, which is what I did the first few months after discovering it. It’s hard on the nervous system, and not particularily healthy to sent such large surges of it early in development.

A swami in Kandy, Sri Lanka told me that there are many western disciples who have gone to India to learn from incompetant masters, the art of kundalini yoga… though they rush it and their bodies are not ready for the intense charge, as some of them learn how to summon immense volumes of energy before their bodies are ready, and before their minds are disciplined control it. Some people like this cannot ever sleep or find deep stillness in meditation, as it is so overwhelming at all times. They become intensely intoxicated and randomly perceive clarivoyant phenomenon and read others minds without knowing what is happening. They cannot control their auras, and the swami said that people who he has met as such are veribly in hell. Many of them commit suicide, as they are already very close to death in their minds.

This once happened to a detached relative of mine… after he got back from India, he was going insane and rambling about all these energies. He had trouble finding peace and others did not help by understanding, so he eventually did himself in… this is the exact opposite of the peace and tranquility which can be found if the path is approached correctly. Follow your intuition, and do not rush anything.

As soon as your ego surrenders any possibility of social or material gain by channeling universal energies, they will unfold naturally. You must use them for the ultimate good of everybody.

It is just a general word of caution, this is what would happen to you and I if we rushed the process of unfoldment too suddenly, attempting to satisfy the ego. All of this should be approached calmly… it is eternal, so you have forever to let it happen.

It takes years of practice, mental discipline, and body mind conditioning, accompanied by infinite wisdom and patience to manifest your potential. This Way is certainly not for everybody

There are more subtle ways to slowly tap into the white light of pure awarness which flows infinitely through, from the top of your head. You can find many vedic and yogic writings, teaching how to draw more of it into your body. It is healing energy. I find it mentally and physically uplifting. Hindus refer to it as ‘prana’. Taoists call it ‘chi’. Though these are very general terms… we call it ‘energy’

I call it utterly infinite, and you can have as much as you want. It is free.

You will find many good documents on the internet all about drawing in and manipulating this energy for your health and happiness.

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