Lava Lamp

01. Bodies Collective masses of molecules, bound together by their relative temporal vibrations, form individual blobs in the lava lamp. The blob’s individualism is propogated by each molecule’s attachment to others of similar density (temperature or vibration). Giving rise to collective inertia, balanced on the theshhold defining colliding bodies from intersection, projecting from it’s infinitely relative center of mass, conditioned by the body’s kinetic motion, according to it’s density and state.
02. Binding Threshhold

Colliding liquid bodies of the same substance do not intersect (merge or mingle), maintaining their own inertia wthin the frictional threshhold, relative to the temperature contrast which forms and dissolves their boundries.

Their forms arise relative to the spacial void of clear liquid in which they are suspended (eternally conditioned). Wax molecules bound in collective blobs conform to boundries imposed by temperature contrast, which seeks it’s way more fundamentally.
03. Collision

The form of the blobs lose integrity on mild (below merging threshold) collisions, conforming their boundry and inertia to reflect the angle (approach) and intensity (friction) of the impact between the two relative bodies.

The collective remains bound, maintaining their seperation from other bodies, within this threshhold(reflecting peer density // friction) which forms and dissolves their boundries.

If this threshhold is broken on impact, so too are the boundries seperating the colliding bodies, allowing the individuals forming each of the two bodies to mingle amongst eachother. In merging is born a greater body composed of the two former individual collectives, which smoothly equalizes towards it’s center of gravity, streching in the perpendicular form of it’s inertia.
04. Mental Analogy

Which is to say that the higher mind (from which the lower mind and it’s illuminating consciousness projects) in which it’s composing currents of energy are suspended (the glass lamp), more fundamentally (defining their absolute boundries contained by the lamp itself) conditions the collective manifestation of wax molecules (body mind), in whatever form they arise, forming boundries to contain it’s own inner world of bubbles (thoughts). Outside of which boundries, the blobs (body mind thoughts) could not arise, being absent from the fundamental condtioning in which they were rooted.
05. Projection

The universe reflects in every lava lamp. As such, the collective molecular psychology may also be generally applied to any collective bodies at large.

It is a great analogy to manifest so literally.

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