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Zen Master on Thought

Breakfast time at the Zen temple. I asked Master Henry, referring to the many thoughts that arise during meditation :

Shin Pung : “Master, how do you stop the thinking?”

Master Henry : “Stop before stop. Stop after stop. Let the mind be natural… Natural mind.”

Interpretation : [You have to stop actively thinking before the thoughts will stop. Then you have to maintain not thinking after the thoughts have been stopped.]

Master Henry : “You feel pain? Pain is no pain. You think it’s pain. It’s not pain. No eye, no ear, no tongue… No pain. Let it be… natural.”

Easy in mind… Difficult in practice.

Do What You Will

Zen Master Henry breaks the silence at the diner table and looks at me (Shin Pung) :

Master : Shin Pung. Your life. You have a life. You do whatever you will with your life. Do whatever you will. // See, my life, you see? I have a life. I do whatever I will with life. // You do whatever you will with life. You can do anything. Do anything. You understand?

Shin Phung : Yes sifu, I understand. You know… Sometimes I think you can read my mind.

He looks across the table wittingly.

Master : Yes.