01. The Carnal Factors
In what order does the evolving human rate
religion, sex and intoxicants?

Most fall for one,
balanced on a second,
abandoning the third.

Few balance upon the thin line
seperating obsession from denial.

Religion may include manifesting art.
It is rooted in the conscience urge for redemtion.

Sex is carnal interest in a balancing partner.
It is a continuation of the archetypal inertia to propogate.

Work and food in excessive amounts may be toxic.
Intoxication arises to escape illusions imposed by the collective.

If any one factor is abused, upsetting balance, it will equalize by inverse reflection of the energy which was previously invested in it’s volition. Giving rise to dicipline cloaked in a complex of denial, as a way of simplifying life to the benefit of energy flowing to the remaining factors.
02. Mystical Balance
The dedicated religious human may cautiously become learned and experienced in the internal realm of mysticism, supported by a pattern of entering altered states of consciousness, to objectify the carnal factors by realizing their archetypal forms. Stepping inwards to balance on the eternal foot of mysticism, one transcends religion, sex, and intoxication by rendering their archetypes in unmanifested projections.

In the mystical state, a human may be subject to the carnal factors, enriching them with relatively unconditioned perception, without upsetting the internal balance which rests on a more fundamental plane.

Embracing every other as a member of the eternal family, the mystical human perceives life as an epic dream. Though when the balance conditioning internal sustenance is lost, the carnal factors’ archtypes arise again in manifest projections.
03. Ascending Awareness
Most humans find balance in the appropriate mental state benefitting their higher mind’s evolution over the period of a lifetime, before descending to the ritualistic balance of pattern driven consciousness.

When a sensitive balance is upset so that a new paradign dawns shifting consciousness perpendicular up the spiral of awareness, negetive energy resulting in depression may inversely reflect, to crucify the old worldview conditioning the obsolete life patterns.

+ If a new outlook is embraced dawning higher realization, the negetivity of depression may come into perspective as an positive assistant in the progress of the mind’ evolution.

Exchanging and transcending worldviews is key.

If the dying worldviews are not abandoned, the negetivity may eternally propogate into a downward spiral, from which escape is sensitively difficult.

Resisting realization of a an unfolding worldview is futile.

In either case, the withering death of youth’s vigor breaths new life focused into one of the threefold factors on which the new life patterns find balance.

Each factor unfolds a fully engaging realm of perceptions, fundamentally projecting the same archtypes. The mind adjusts to occupy the entire spectrum of body mind consciousness, propogating it’s state through cultural rituals at the collective level which the mind occupies.
04. Projection
The level of balance and transcendance of the threefold carnal factors through which the civilized human projects, may in itself tell stories of the mental state from which it’s volitions arise.