The Paradox of Buddha Nature

When the form is beheld –
the essence is negated.

When the essence is beheld –
the form is negated.

When you become the Buddha,
You kill the Buddha.

Unbind from the Web

Imagine 2 planes – one is vertical, one is horizontal.

The vertical plane is pure awareness.

The horizontal plane is physical plane – the body of truth.

In between the two planes, there is a web strung –
in it, the causal and the astral worlds create
dreams, imagination, desires, thoughts, etc.
The web of Mara. The world of becoming.

You can get back to the pure awareness,
by projecting only on the body of truth –
the physical plane directly, the human body.
Here everything is already perfect
All you do is watch it, and it dissolves.

This is to practice Dharma – Truth.
Project awareness on the body of truth,
the only thing that matters
and the cause of this existence and death.

The way out is through.


Mindfulness is the heart of equanimity;
to practice this is to go beyond form.

Through a Looking Glass

as through a looking glass
a world away
I peer into the body

gaze into space
look upon time

I am not the body.

a twisted world of the mind
I have been sleeping in delusion

contorted, diseased and stricken with desire
for long too many days –
now is the time to awaken

I am not the mind.

i have always been here
i have never seen this before

like awakening from a long dream
what has life been but a maze of confusion?

I am beyond.

who is awake?

With my mind I invoke demons

With my mind I invoke demons
When I call upon desire.

Ecstatic they fulfill their existence
Flooding into the valley of my mind.

The flood resides to reveal water damage.

In mindfulness it dries, yet –
Straggling thoughts like fish
Flap about on the land –
Crying for another flood to sustain them.

Starving leaches
Crying for more blood.

Mercilessly, the remnants of desire
Must be put out of their misery.

Oy! So much work to be done.


Dhammapada 284 : So long as the love of man towards women, even the smallest, is not destroyed, so long is his mind in bondage, as the calf that drinks milk is to its mother.

Lamp on Impermenance

People all fiendishly horde their pleasures
And so like fools joyfully tie their own noose.

The way of the world is downward –
Like water flows off a mountain.

Coming into birth we’ve entered the river of impermanence,
flowing always into the ocean of death.

Holding on is absolute illusion …
there’s nothing to hold onto.

Simply Relativity

People all love to built eachother up
And when they fall are quick to blame the other.

Yet in the moment of death
There is nothing to hold on to –

Like waves on the ocean
Death breaks us on the shores of eternity.

Sea spray and dust
Is all that will come of our dreams-
And even that evaporates.

The higher you go the lower you fall.
The more you want the less you get.

Its simply relativity.

Every Desire is a Parasite

Every desire is a parasite –
Feasting on my my life blood.

Hidden in the veins of my consciousness
They scurry around like reptillian insects
In and out of sight – elusive yet dense and slimy.

The body is infested with this filth.
The very sight of them is trecherous,
Like roaches slithering within
Sucking on my veins.

Every time I feed it attention
Every time I allow it change my course of action
The desire grows
And I host the demons in my own home.

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Falling Leaves

Falling leaves

No ground to land on

Free falling

God’s Heartbreak

The day the cosmos was born
gods heart broke open –
shattered to infinite pieces,
glistening as all the stars.

And so my love shines for you
like every sun
burning to merge with god again.