(Pubba Sutta, SN 51.11) states: “When the four bases of spiritual power have been developed and cultivated in this way, a bhikkhu wields the various kinds of spiritual power: having been one, he becomes many; having been many, he becomes one; he appears and vanishes; he goes unhindered through a wall, through a rampart, through a mountain as though through space; he dives in and out of the earth as though it were water; he walks on water without sinking as though it were earth; seated cross-legged, he travels in space like a bird; with his hands he touches and strokes the moon and sun so powerful and mighty; he exercises mastery with the body as far as the brahmā world.”

The bases of spiritual power evade regular  metaphysics, regular laws, regular karma. The 4 bases when cultivated grow increasingly, and bear fruit of spiritual awakening which is irreversible. how and why? because the bases of spiritual power operate from a higher dimension, beyond the physical – beyond the thought, the (five aggregates) – even beyond the psychological. worldly power is caused by acquisitions or temporary perceptions of the mind. the bases of spiritual power develop the qualities of the mind itself, which transcends all worldly activities, acquisitions and accomplishments. it is the vessel that brings us from day to day, relationship to relationship, life to life.

This discipline of cultivating the bases of spiritual power lead to complete liberation, total enlightenment and all encompassing happiness in this very life.

Dreams are a gateway, but essentially they’re more impermanent form and worlds to get attached to (just subtler and astral) and don’t lead to true lasting realization spiritually…

Spiritual power is beyond all forms and worlds and deals with developing the raw faculties of awareness and mind which you carry with yourself life to life, world to world, throughout all space and time. Meditation practice is the flesh and bones of spiritual progress.


In the “Neglected” discourse (Viraddha Sutta, SN 51.2), it states:

“Bhikkhus, those who have neglected the four bases for spiritual power have neglected the noble path leading to the complete destruction of suffering. Those who have undertaken the four bases for spiritual power have undertaken the noble path leading to the destruction of suffering.”


The four bases of such power are concentration (samādhi) on:

  • Desire or purpose or zeal (chanda)
  • Energy or will (viriya)
  • Mind or consciousness or thoughts (citta)
  • Investigation or discrimination (vīmaṃsā)[4]

Chanda -> success by repetition
Viriya -> success by big effort
Citta -> success by conditioning
Vimamsa -> success by knowledge


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