These words plainly reflect the fragmentation of the author’s conscious stream:

Floating here in controlled currents of kundalini, white light pours down from above.

A long journey is in order to straighten out the bendies.
Bend up the straighties.

Expansive dreams continue to reveal the inner form of my karma, snaking it’s Way through invariable waves of situation.

The all pervading creator composing the eternal moment turned out to be you and I.
Welcome to heaven!

Time has somthing to do with it. Just on the tip of my tounge, can’t quite make out…
Right, time is only this moment.

The only rest to be had is in disappearing into perfect stillness, lending life to the perpetual Aum resonating in every cell.

Spontaneous inspection erodes the 2 dimentional hallucination of perception, exposing it’s 4 dimentional structure.