The body is a periscope into the world.
Through this I watch things come and go,
Meditating on the moment of release.

Time is not real.

Sensations deceive to no end
Always ripening into their opposite.
I watch the wheel turn, sipping on the nectar of mindfulness.

Pain is an illusion.

Thoughts enter my house like strangers,
Disturbing perfect reflection as ripples on a pond.
I cast them out and surrender as it settles.

This mind is not my own.

Awareness fixated inwards, it is clear,
The body is infested with desires.
I battle with them relentlessly – yet no victory comes until the mind is abandoned.

Death is the only assurance.

Energy and form are tied in an endless knot -
Nothing is what it appears to be.
Slowly I purify what is most real and migrate towards ultimate reality.

Form is emptiness.

Desires and their fulfillment
Turn the wheel of the world.

Like drinking salt water -
People consume desires, and their thirst only increases.
The sacrifice caused by ignorance,
Is an inferno of souls too great to bear.

I shelter my mind from the influence of others misery
Until the point of no return is reached.

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