Buddha Yantra - Math Art

Where there is dualism there is energy (form)
Where there is energy there is motion (contact/relativity)
Where there is motion there is change (perception)
Where there is change there is awareness.

Energy flows with awareness
Awareness flows with energy.

Non dualism is Awareness perceiving itself directly beyond form.

Coherence of awareness is determined by consistency in contact pattern increasing in orders of magnitude building the chain of aggregates.

Brain mind is a pattern of changes at a high order
Self organizing patterns of change
Causing the experience in a chemical feedback loop
Endless cycle knot of karmic metaphysical reaction.

Change is impermenence.

Essence is no self.

Existance is suffering.

5 aggregates :
Form is current conditions
Contact is relative change within energy field
Perception is reference to previous contact patterns
Sensation is geneticly coded reaction to perceptions
Sankhara is karmic encoded reaction to sensations

Observing sensation without reaction
Cuts the chain of becoming
Stops the wheel of karma
Turns the wheel of dharma.

This is all we can do in this precious life –
The sensation cannot be altered…