Meta Notes

• awareness inhabits infinite realms, illuminating the form of contrasting vibrations.

• this plane is grossly projected- a manifestation, as all are, conditioned and so perceptable by diverse paradigms.

• beings are manifested by awareness interacting, creating consciousness

• consciousness is formed by aware beings identified with a plane, propogating awarness of that space and interactively culture it’s form.

• threads of awareness are conditioned by the contrast in vibrations upon which they balance

• all threads are an expression of one center.

• each thread is a projection of the same center, it’s seperations only hallucinated in the space in which it manifests.

• visualizing, cultured pathways to insight, deities, imagining them naturally manifests their qualities

• I is a vast web of interconnected : ness, lacking any inherant existance. even the hallucination of it’s seperation is a complex web of inhereted thoughts and social memes

• assuming a system to be inherant is to be funamendally conditioned by it

• conditioned by, and so in bondage to it- through presumtion or aversion.

• mere knowledge of this is also bondage to it,

• yet realization in the fabric of existance, down into every thought, and motion, mind and body, is to be free of it. it at this stage inherets nothing at all, in the insight of it’s intimate interdependance on other beings which share the same eternal center.

• the paradigm of a being’s [art] expression and the effects of it’s projection upon the world’s psyche generates waves and a form of awareness that is bound by it’s source of emmission [the creator]. as a light being projecting above the mind of it’s creator, the thread of awareness of it’s creator has pathways to inhabit the emminating waves and the form of [if it balances in astral space after death] that being, absorbing tendrils of perception into all the minds it has effected through the chains of it’s karma.

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