Social conditioning

“Oh, that Fellow. He just projected his shadow upon others, unmindful of how he himself was conditioned by the programming.”As such, our interactions are conditioned by the social organism which reflects our ideals. We choose those which reflect ourselves, which in turn reflect back, inflicting upon us the conditioning and motives of the collective.

We may see how it conditions others, how others reflect their programming, without realizing that the very association arising in our mind, linking the Fellow to the programming he reflects, created an awareness of that form of interaction within ourselves- as a result of our own conditioning.

Whether or not there was contrast in the Fellow’s own experience to mindfully perceive himself objectively, the drama could only have been our projection. The supposed flaw we fixated upon is but an aspect of our own mental form, which conditions our every interaction- for better or for worse, according to our volition.

As such, the only flaws in the form of the Fellow, which we can perceive, are those which are projected from within ourselves.

Blissful may they be, whom do not understand; yet, awake are those who do.

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