Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī (Amma)

“Whenever we identify with a situation, our suffering increases. But when we view a situation from the witness point of view, our inner strength grows.

In worldly relationships, we may experience suffering. The reason is that the relationship is based on hopes and wishes, on desires and expectations. But when we cry for God, it is completely different because we don’t expect anything in return for our love. Yet, in that love without expectations, we are given everything. In real prayer we say “God, give us your qualities and the strength to do selfless service!

When we contemplate the divine qualities repeatedly during our prayers, we are making those qualities our own; we are fixing them in our consciousness. The devotee who awakens these qualities within himself is not bound by them but rises to a state beyond all qualities. The one who is beyond all qualities is not bound to anything. Such a person remains a witness. By nurturing the divine qualities within, we forget ourselves and are able to love and help others. Then the limited individual is no longer there. This is a state beyond all qualities.”