We never saw it coming yet we knew exactly what to do. We were born for this. She was in our blood, coursing through us, Sekhmet was breathing through us. Deep in the Acacia tree, a secret that cannot be told. It showed us the way back home and guided us to victory. Few cared to meddle with Africa, busy protecting their homelands from counterstrike. Busy cutting each other’s heads off. We were spared by the Mother, armageddon was already part of our history. Centuries of colonization, war… now was our time to rise. A vast network of booming eco-villiages, New Dogon thrived as an emerging republic embracing people from every origin as millions fled south pouring into Africa. In the north, war lords played out their endgames. Those who attempted mass destruction had only mass destruction wrought upon themselves. With the end of industrial civilization, local ecovillages grew and expanded into rich networks of thriving alliances. Rain graced us with abundance to transform the sands into soil and turn the deserts back into jungles. Now we were truly free of the war sent upon us by The Watchers. After the loss of many loved ones, we are finally ready to bring back your civilization, pass through the gateway of your prophecy. Then we will fly beyond Sirius and into the river of souls you shared with us in the Amduat and live amongst the stars while our feet remain on the earth. You showed us how to invoke jungle from the sands. Overnight we increased in power many fold. We were shown the secrets by you, Mother Sekhmet. Thank you for destroying those who tomented us… we are ready to take our place in the stars. ARCHAIC REVIVAL Name: Keket Tribe: Children of Sekmet Region: New Dogon Republic Origin: South Egypt Jungle Inspiration: Android Jones