Kailasa Temple, Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India

Master Henry appeared in my dream.

At his yellow Zen Center halfway up a mountain overlooking Midgard.

I let myself in, looked around inside at the domesticated interior. The contents of the building were like an empty husk felt to be shed as a snake’s skin. He appeared, unassuming.

“Nothing changes here, you see.”

“You must look within to go beyond.”

“Go within to look beyond.”

He performed mudras with spinning hands, shapeshifting through many forms, showing many facets and lives and characteristics, unexpected entities all rarely assuming the form of a Zen Master.

This is where delusional dreams come to die in peace, ushered to annihilation.

The sacred and the profane embodied in a nature without pretention.

Timeless median to the infinite.

Many things happened which do not survive as words.

I had an old digital camera, very capable, montages of spectacular clouds, colors, mountains made of ancient stone, embedded with prehistoric stories and alien languages, flowers, clouds, nature and trees, cities embedded in nature, ancient cities carved from stone. Humans and energy technology enmeshed. Psychic uplinks mediated by algorithmic principles. Temporal windows, lucid as nature. Consciousness as clear and deep as an arctic fjord, teaming with sea life.

Deep waters, so deep they reach to the bottom of existence, the ice in the heart of Niffelheim, the bottom of all hearts. Time pierced. And with it the crisp sharpness of truth beyond duality. Declarative truth and the caliper of relative perception, unclouded by emotions and just barely holding together subjectivity enough to generate memory imprints.

Truth and beauty lacking compromise.

In this dream state I could disembody, look at spectacular compositions of the world from different angles with my camera of the mind, the beauty was fleeting and though I tried many times, it could be captured on the camera, frames of unimaginable wonder were only mine to see.

Each of ours. Steeped in the ocean of life.

It goes on.

There are two souls, one from the earth and one from the cosmos… This is how I remembered. Here in the space of life, they make love, two spirits as one body in the medium of this alchemical vessel of the human form. So fleeting, the magic of life is ours to treasure.