Every desire is a parasite –
Feasting on my my life blood.

Hidden in the veins of my consciousness
They scurry around like reptillian insects
In and out of sight – elusive yet dense and slimy.

The body is infested with this filth.
The very sight of them is trecherous,
Like roaches slithering within
Sucking on my veins.

Every time I feed it attention
Every time I allow it change my course of action
The desire grows
And I host the demons in my own home.

Feeding desires is like drinking salt water –
It only increases their thirst.

Disown, overthrow, evict, eradicate, and abandon desires –
they will only cause suffering and gradual self destruction.

Refracting the energy of bliss, they make it seem as though it is their own, thus I chase after them to attain bliss, and so in the thought and the chase – yet it slips away right under me – slip and slimy.

Do not harbor desires –
find every occasion to destroy them and take joy in overcoming them.