Space and time are interwoven, their illusion manifesting only in the mind perceiving them.

The psyche of the individual is the only carrier of a world, primordally conditioned by the environment into which is has evolved.

Finely balanced upon the complex series of interactions between highly evolved biological systems, each organ is interwoven and dependent on every other for it’s own existance.

Balanced upon transcended systems, consciousness guides the body through space, interacting with other minds at a similar vibration, to create a collective space known as the world, commonly misinterpreted by beings fundamentally balanced on this plane as some form of enduring reality.

The psyche perceives the world through a series of sensual lenses, experiencing only a fraction of the spectrum of the waveforms they’re exposed to, and their existance filtered spontaneously through the consciousness commonly hallucinated as individual.

The systems known as organisms evolve as an inverse reflection of their environment.

Perceptual systems conglomorating in the region known as brain, are finely balanced and adapted to the environment in which the species evolved, optimized for the physical survival and propgations of the organism.