( Sagāthāvagga / Devaputtasamyutta, Pali Canon )

At Sāvatthi, when the night had advanced, the young Deva Māgha, of stunning beauty, illuminating the entire Jeta’s Grove, approached the Buddha. Having approached, he paid homage to the Buddha, stood to one side, and addressed the Buddha in verse:

Deva Māgha :
Having slain what does one sleep soundly?
Having slain what does one not sorrow?
What is the one thing, O Buddha,
Whose killing you approve?

Buddha :
Having slain anger, one sleeps soundly;
Having slain anger, one does not sorrow;
The killing of anger, O Deva,
With it’s poisoned root and honeyed tip:
This is the killing the noble ones praise,
For having slain that, one does not sorrow.