Now if you cognize these words to ramble
in the wake of their own perceptions,
note they seek to recognize that which is already understood
for the love of the psychic dance we call philosophy
attempting to contain that which it knows it can not-
lest we lose our Way dreaming of spaceships and video games.

The whole paradigm of living in a matrix,
or of the body being some form of podular space ship
navigating this otherwise dead space
is a counterbalance
to the illusions which it seeks to disarm.

Even if this perspective is true,
which it is in it’s own light,
it is a wonderful fantasy-
the final fantasy, which dissolves the
myths we’ve necessary been indoctrinated with
to maintain the balance of the collective organism
which is the medium for this paradigm’s propagation.

As it is perfectly self-reflective,
and known to be valid at it’s own level
a more subtle truth lies right in this space-
that space itself is alive at it’s root,
our bodies composed of trillions of tiny organisms
are aware in their own space,
which our own awareness is an amalgamation of.

The body balances upon the collective consciousness of our cells,
a body which is a cell in the collective consciousness of it’s transcending vibrations.

And even these forms are shadows obscuring the highest realization,
which is eternally independent of all form,
alive and shining beyond these pale conceptions
which faithfully reflect it’s essence,
to the fullest extent that words can overflow with truth,
cognizing that they are and cannot escape what they are-
rambling far beyond the deficient point.

This sea of illusions,
shadows and darkness,
expands infinitely through all form and dimension
as the perfect projection of a single thread of awareness-
the same one that makes the computer screen
feel as though it is inside your head.

At any point we’re immersed within recursive patterns of consciousness,
aware and stretching beautifully into all horizons,
utterly infinite and undefinable in any sense,
as their definitions of however they were defined
also beg definition, reflecting all the way up the spiral.

To define the point with a blunt edge-
we are using the metaphor of games and spaceships
to project unfulfilled religious archetypes
into our mythology starved culture.

A religion that knows it is religion,
which knows from a more fundamental consciousness
that religion is just filling a hole which ‘ought to be transcended’,
is trudging through the superficial motions
of what which we’ve intellectually defined as religious archetypes,
as documented by our collective symbols as they have developed
through the history of religious impulse.

Yet it is a silly token of our collective consciousness
shamelessly asserting its function of memory,
thus occupying enormous flows of energy
for no reason other than to remind itself that it exists,

which is just as silly as all this biological and
computer technology manifesting through great efforts
just to ramble at great length of it’s unmanifest essence.

Or as silly as anything in any world happening at all,
or the solemn gaze with which we contemplate death.

As when we subtract all myth
and strip religion so it’s standing naked in front of a mirror-
death is only so bad as your favorite piece of sushi tastes good.

But so far as we get sucked into sushi,
and identify with it’s goodness,
we will be compelled to gloss the unknown with beliefs-
and thus good food and good mythology go hand in hand with high culture.

Even remembering that ‘we are spaceships’,
short of it triggering primordial memories,
is constructing another illusion.

One might as well abandon development of this level of psychic form
lest becoming attached and trapped in
the golden chains of it’s illusion…
the confines of it’s belief…
the cellar of it’s shadow.

Like an old man slaving his life in repulsive patterns of behavior
surrounded by the beautiful art of his financial manifestation,
withered and dying along with his dream to become an artist.

This idea is like a brief suicidal impulse-
the very thought arises surrounded by disposable exercises
in a philosophy of the same nature it seeks to destroy,
and it could not exist meaningfully in any other context.

Though once this form is transcended,
we waste no time in returning to the gateway of it’s mystery
with a mystical lightness,
which is that feeling of our flowing souls feeling as though
they are spaceships flying through illusory space.

Still these gross perceptions of spaceships are the golden chains
which serves as the experiment in paradigm cognition,
for the enlightenment of all beings, who will never all become enlightened
lest they melt into one, which they already have.

This monologue continues in an ennoble quest for something that is real
some ultimate truth which it knows it cannot cognize short of dissolving into it’s essence,
yet still squirms about attempting to,
spewing further flows of conscious self-reflection.

Something ‘real’ would be that which does not change,
omnipresent and so conditioning all things.

This thing could never be pointed out as being everywhere all of the time,
as it would be nowhere in particular.

Particularly nowhere!

Yet we’ve done well to call it unconditioned awareness, white light, god,
and written many books illustrating the golden footpath
leading to it’s peak from which the ego must plunge.

Though in the perfect balance of the highest wave,
as many beings as the cognition of these symbols may have redeemed,
it may have traumatized and killed in holy wars
between the propagating herds wrangled by self-righteous ideals
attempting to define god’s shadow.

That which conditions all, the center of every being,
the essence of love and all relationships is completely unmanifest,
and so does not inherently exist in contrast to anything else.

Of course anything that so absolutely doesn’t exist
paradoxically is the root of all that could be said to exist.

In this spirit, even the soul which rides the edge
of the wave it compares with it’s concept of a spaceship,
lives on a plane which is is constant change,
so has it’s causal forms and suffering shadows,
oscillating in it’s unique form of space

The consciousness balancing upon them
that creates the cognizant space for one light
to project into what is dualized as ‘spaceship’
is entirely dependent on it’s relationships with
the conscious beings which compose
it’s surroundings on the plane on which it is aware.

Recognizing the key contained in this paradigm’s reflective nature,
even the awareness invested in spaceship beliefs and the illusion of games
obscures perception of a greater awareness.

Space is an illusion in so far as
awareness is fundamental to manifestation,
as the consciousness that projects awareness
is eternally conditioned by the life of it’s environment.

So the analogy of a submarine spaceship is inversely true,
not that it is in the ocean, and could somehow exist outside,
independent from the ocean,
but just as the form of a hull implies water and has no use without it,
a captain might not find any purpose without his ship,
and a dream of the grandness if his ship may only arise naturally
in a flow to prevent him from jumping off,
and drowning in the infinite waves of the causal unmanifest-
which wouldn’t necesssarily be bad, though it would cause him to not exist,
which he does, and so naturally beleives these things.

As ignorance is key to shadows, which is key to form,
this belief is the subject of the patterns of behavior
which produce the paradigm which interprets these very words,
which is how they arise,
which creates the life before us,
which we continue to manifest through participation in.

Thus, this is exactly where we belong,
and it is a manifestation of it’s own reflection.

Of course anybody who could understand this already knew,
yet it’s still good fun to recognize.