Breast cancer cell

The World Wildlife Foundation reports a 50% loss in wild animal populations in the past 40 years, due to human activities.

Meanwhile, the power of the human mind is being obscured by menial robotic tasks. Human brains such as my own are made into endless logic processing mechanisms which reiterate mathematical patterns and machine programming functions for hours each day. The body of the human animal is repressed, and the mind is converted into a robot. I spend free time sometimes just researching new computer languages to learn. I find it challenging to find the time to learn other languages to talk with humans, and I only speak and write fluently in one language, english. There are at least 6 machine syntaxes that I can write with fairly fluently.

It is as though this killing of the animals is an outward expression of the killing of our own animal nature. By living in virtual reality, I become less human and more machine.

Today I was contemplating death in the context that humans are a disease on this planet. Humans have strangled, scoured and burnt the earth’s subtle ecologies, and each one of us is simply one cell of this disease. Despite our individual delusions of grandeur, without a high powered telescope, not a single human can be seen even from space.

What does it matter if one cell of this disease of humanity passes away? What is there to be concerned about – death? What am I really, more than a pattern re-organizing other patterns in virtual space? What is the true meaning of these patterns if it all simply amounts to it’s own end? The death of animals, the out-dating of technology, and then eventually I myself will die.

The animal in me is still disturbed by the prospect of death, yet the robot in me sees that both life and death are meaningless.