01. Suffering

Just as when you touch steam you feel heat
and when you touch ice you feel cold-
when you embrace sombody with joy it will enter them,
and when they love you, you will feel it.

Also know that when you come in contact
with sombody who is suffering in a mental sphere,
you will feel suffering of the same nature that they feel.

The tension of a suffering mind
naturally propogates through communication pathways
such as eye contact, speech, or body language.
A short suffering may propogate out of compassion,
or a long suffering may arise out of defence.

02. Propogation of Suffering

The delusional mind grossly projects thoughts
to obscure the sensitivity
perceived to be the gateway of suffering.

This sheild continues to obscure awareness
long after the form it desensitised has receded,
as it’s condition continues to delude consciousness
from the infinite potential of being.

So just as a dog fearfully barks into the night
with the hope of scaring away it’s attacker,
a defensive mind charges into the world
carrying the memory of suffering like a flaming stick,
and bearing the weight of battle armor,
ignorantly burns itself and others with it,
provoking otherwise peaceful beings
into this defensive state.

03. Compassion

The compassionate mind might consciously surrender blissful states
to absorb another’s suffering, and with it’s faculty of concentration,
adopt within a nested sphere of it’s awareness
the delusional paradigm which is a cause of suffering.

With the wisdom attained by observing
it’s own escape from these shadows,
the compassionate mind may feel responsibility
to formulate an antidote to this suffering,
and experiment with ways to communicate it
in terms that the delusional paradigm might cognize.

04. Propogation of Compassion

A pragmatic antidote will invoke the conditions
which inversely reflect suffering
into insight transcending the delusional state .

The delusional mind with this insight must manifest
a practice of the antidote with the faculty of it’s own energy
for it to bare any effect, alongside which
the compassionate mind may help to offer guidance.

A delusional mind might observe the insight yet fail to practice the antidode;
yet all the suffering experienced in presence of this insight
will act as fuel to ignite a practice manifesting the inverse reflection
of it’s condition into a compassionate state
which might also decide to propogate.