Just as when you touch steam you feel heat
and when you touch ice you feel cold.

Know that when you come in contact with sombody who is suffering
you will feel suffering of the same nature that they feel. You will feel suffering arising out of compassion or protection. The protective mind will use cunning defence mechanism which it has learned from the world. (defense mechanism) Conditioned patterns of dualistic judgment propogate through eye contact, words, any for of energy transfer when you embrace sombody with joy it will enter them, and when they love you, you will feel it. sarcasm as a means of expressing repressed content/contempt … as expressed repression Disreguard the words and feel the vibe

— sacrificing freedom- the defensive mind is burned by other’s suffering. it will carry it around like a flaming stick and burn others… burdened by the compassionate mind learns from the suffering. healing itself, and others enlightened by suffering abiding the center the guity mind imposes guilt.. the shamful shame. The self conscious with judgment