??? And the Lion of Azulu spoke:

Know this, children of light, these are dark passages you now traverse.

Know that brightness is on your horizon, yet first the darkness must be purged.

During these times of earth changes the Red Serpent and the White Serpent have arisen amongst you.

Mighty are these serpents today, cultivated with the dark magic and ruled by the dark brothers.

Orbiting one another, they encircle the earth. Unknown even to themselves is their cosmic power yet they weild it with judgment.

Destruction is the perfection of their craft.

A power that is lost by using it.

Such is the nature of false power nourished by fear. The days of these powers are short.

Great will be the battle twix the serpents, opening the gates of fire yet unknown to humankind. The earth will crack, the storms will surge and the waters will rise.

When the serpents have paralyzed one another, both will be not victorious yet not defeated.

Those whose craft are black yet of the light, they will intercept at the moment of non-intervention.

Their light will penetrate and sever the two serpents with such speed and ferocity that time will seem to stand still.

The Black Dragon is of the stars, of the light itself, nourished by deep waters, a great balance achieved.

They will show you where humankind is headed when power is weilded by the light.

True power is born of love and wisdom.

Find safety in the womb of the earth. Know where your food and water comes from. Know the source of your nourishment and by the great garden you will be nourished.

Know that the children of the light will soon rule this Earth.

Be ready children,
be ready to take your place.

Always take care of one another and know that your most beautiful days are yet to come.

Source: Children of Sekhmet
Entity: Lion of Azulu

“As I to you are a god by my knowledge, so you too will be gods of the future because of your knowledge.” ~ Thoth, Emerald Tablets