A well spoken tall black man just escaped from a prison located up in the Golden Gate Bridge. He was clean shaven, dressed in high end fashion with goldens cuffs, and was in the process of registering a report with the complaint register as I observed privately behind a one way mirror. Where and why did they keep him locked up? I deployed myself to see where it was that he described, and wondered why they had kept him up inside the bridge.

I fly to the bridge, the upper region, going inside, a small space with towels and blankets unfolds like a box into a bigger space which looks like a wood house attached to the inside of the upper support beams inside the bridge walls.

Partially opaque shadowy spirit characters make appearances, and its unclear who owns the space.

Then Chrisjen Avasarala (Expanse) and a team of samurai hackers known as the White Tigers comes flying in from the east and clears the space with techno sage. They’re happy to see me, and seem to know  quite a bit about what is going on. They are wielding folding swords and all kinds of advanced energy signature reading devices reading the dream field, collecting data and mapping it in a process of geo-inter-cross-sectioning. We seem to already be on the same team.

They are preparing for an incoming attack on the space, and they are checking the conditions for a spirit battle. Right there and right then, the attack comes sooner than expected, as a wild black trojan horse demon virus crashes through the walls.

The creature seems to be covered in large curly furry bits that emit distortion fields. It’s hard to see it clearly because it distorts your vision when you look directly at it.

The White Tigers tell me to be perfectly still because it can’t see me unless I am moving. I remain still and observe how it moves and feel it’s strange distortion field as it walks right past me sniffing out the air.

It battles with one of the White Tigers, who fly outside in the sky above the bridge- one samurai hacker at a time moves in while the other ones all stay still, they dance in a pattern of motion and stillness as they quickly take turns battling with the demon. It seems as though these samurai have had many encounters with this entity in the past and they have an advanced technique for containing it.

The distorted energy fields around the demon scrambled radio communication nearby and made me dizzy on contact.

While they were battling the demon outside, Avasarala tells me quick come hide in this other room, and we will sneak attack. The other White Tigers tell me that I don’t need to do anything, and to just stay out of the way and let the professionals handle the virus.

Avasarala  and I hide in a bedroom under some sheets. I get very close to Avasurrela and we embrace, as she seems to represent some aspect of my Anima figure. We silently enjoy the embrace but we don’t say a thing, smiling ever so slightly with soft eyes as though we are telepathic.

Then the demon comes back, she tells me to lay low and pretend I’m sleeping under the sheet and the demon won’t see me, she moves in to neutralize the trojan horse demon so I don’t need to do anything. The demon begins to make a lot of waves and the White Tigers seems to have trouble handling it.

I’m curious to help and so burst into the room, beginning to dance with the Demon Virus to distract it so that the others can recover from the wave assault. It likes me at first, in a way that one might like to look at something that you’re about to eat, it orbits me in a pattern, then attacks like an animal trying to consume me in it’s tendrils.

I appear to have advanced martial arts skills in my muscle memory which activate as it strikes me. It has trouble getting close to me as I can subconsciously divert it’s energy field like water flows around a rock. When the demon’s energy field around its body intersects with my body, I can feel many high frequency waves of irregular pulsation.

It attacks me a second time, charging head first towards me directly. Our heads collide into an energy wave explosion that pulls us with a clap through an inversion portal where we implode into the demon’s own domain in the spirit world.

As we entered the portal, I sense that my allies in the physical world expect to never see me again. I feel confident with the distinct sensation that I have nothing to loose and everything to gain by visiting this demon’s home in the spirit world.

I am in a dark forest alone, there are grunts coming from the demon eating a horse by a small fire. It seems to be on a parallel timeline and in the middle of eating diner. It notices I appeared as though it was expecting me, and tries to intimidate me by making a dominating face. I return his look with a goofy face and laugh out loud as to show him off.

The demon is disturbed by my lack of submission, drops what it’s doing and moves like a shadow across the trees to attack. I stand up to to the trojan horse virus and stare into it’s mind with my mind. It becomes hypnotized temporarily and then distracted when he notices the escaping animals running out of his cave which he was hoping to finish for diner.

The demon virus runs off to lock up his animals before they escape, and while he’s gone I notice there’s a fire burning near a back entrance to his cave. I go to the fire and begin to dis-assemble pieces of his shelter structure made of raw logs, and throw his wood collection into the fire as he is distracted.

I approach a large pile of logs, seemingly collected for building future shelters, and I carry about a half dozen huge logs at a time and throw them into the fire. He hasn’t noticed yet.

I close my eyes and sense my allies in the physical world, they are somehow watching through a medium and stoking the fire for me, the wind picks up. In this world, the physical beings are air spirits. I continue collecting the demons wood objects and throwing them on a big fire which is starting to gain momentum.

I hear the demon behind a rock embankment still trying to contain his escaping animals, which would seem as though they’re his food source.

I contemplate what I’m about to do with he comes back, though I sense that burning all his materials will get me back to the physical world.

My alarm goes off then I wake up.