Chachakka Sutta, Majjhima Nikāya // Pali Canon

BUDDHA QUOTES — Wise ones, dependent on the mind and forms, mind-consciousness arises; the meeting of the three is contact; with contact as a condition there arises [a feeling] felt as pleasant, painful or neutral. When one is touched by a pleasant feeling, if one delights in it, welcomes it, and remains holding to it, then the underlying tendency to lust lies within one. When one is touched by a painful feeling, if one sorrows, grieves and laments, weeps beating one’s breast and becomes distraught, then the underlying tendency to aversion lies within one. When one is touched by a neutral feeling, if one does not understand as it actually is the origination, the disappearance, the gratification, the danger, and the escape in regards to feeling, then the underlying tendency to ignorance lies within one. That one shall here and now make the end of suffering without abandoning the underlying tendency to lust for pleasant feeling, without abolishing the underlying tendency to aversion towards painful feeling, without extirpating the underlying tendency to ignorance in regard to neutral feeling, without abandoning ignorance and arousing true knowledge — this is impossible.