I remember a time when tribes of Goddesses and Gods troved the earth. The great Goddess cults of Africa, Asia and Middle Earth. Bold warriors using the assistance of plants and shamanism thrived and fought spiritual wars over the astral planes as their tribes explored through the jungles and grasslands hunting for a fresh meal to bring to the villiage.

Ishtar, Sekhmet, Durga, Isis, and Quan Yin. The fabled pantheons of lost goddesses and gods is all we have left of them. They once ran thriving tribes and villiages of spiritual warriors, and their energy will return to this earth once again, purified from the hauntings of war. So is the prophecy.

This is whispered by some as the Return of the Earth Goddess. It is more than the return of the Earth Goddess, it is remembering a new way of being for all of human kind.

Name: Atum
Tribe: Children of Baste
Species: Homo Luminous
Powers: 8D Imagination
Nickname: Dreamer of the dream
Quote: Those who go around this world acting as gods must take on the responsibility of being gods.
Elements: ✨🪨
Image: Wombo, Photoshop
Inspiration: Mark Lee