Before the sky, the earth and the universe,

Before the nine worlds of Yggdrasil the World Tree,

There was Ymir, all of the potential energy in this world forming oneness.

As multiverse wandering metagods, Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve saw Ymir and they knew – within this oness of Ymir is enough energy to create many worlds.

So Odin and Vili and Ve gathered all the energy they could muster and unleashed it on Ymir, exploding, splashing and shattering Ymir into all the stars, all the oceans and into a trillion souls so that each one could live out it’s own life.

And so with the smashing of Ymir, the elements, the souls and the stars were born.

Now when you look up at night at all the stars in the sky, this is the inside of Ymir’s head.

Name: Embla
Type: Seeress
Class: Völva
Tribe: Cult of Yggdrasil
Power: Seiðr, magic for telling and shaping the future
Philosophy: Norse
Genome: Elven, Asian
Elements: 💧🪨
Inspiration: Jake Kobrin