Show me not those breed whose religion is as watered down as their blood, for my teeth will find their bones and crush them.

Show me not these men and women who would slaughter the future of their planet on the altar of greed, for my tongue will taste their flesh and wash it down with the blood of their ancestors.

Show me not those weak hearts who would sell short the future of their children to live in a dream today, for I will consume their souls in the fire of my belly.

Even those who shine boldly in the dead of night, they too shall face their maker. They too shall see the origin of their species, and be ravaged by their own doing.

The truth of the prophecy is hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see.

Name: Sköll
Nickname: Daughter of Fenrir
Tribe: Blackwolf Clan
Class: Hunter
Philosophy: Norse
Elements: 🌬️🪨
Origin: Scandinavian, Mongolian
Image: Wombo, Photoshop
Inspiration: Kyle Sleeper