☀️?⚡ And the Lion of the Light spoke:

Whispers of the gods are inspiration for the human language.

You can still hear them whispering behind the veil, revealing the prophecies, showing the evolution of your species.

Those with eyes to see.
Those with ears to hear.

Unless the will of the spirit is lived, the spirit dies and new growth will take its place.

Energy ever turning in ever greater cycles of order and comprehension of wisdom.

The soul is integrating emotion as a part of its intelligence, to overcome the world of the animal and enter the world of the enlightened human.

Will over chaos.

Light over the night.

Homo luminous.

All of the enlightened teachers were here to help you to cross the river on your own course, the river of the Amduat. Over the river of souls, to reach the other shore.

Seek the path of knowledge and you will find it.

Then expand the language of your heart to grow with your knowledge.

Yet it is not for the faint of heart.

Purify the obstacle of hatred. Do not let death find you with hatred in your heart.

Find peace with the world and return to the light of your true nature, it is forever awaiting to merge with your flame.

I have watched your wisdom grow over the eons, nourished by the three realms.

All of your years growing old, I have watched through your eyes.

Feeling your despair as you have felt it.
Feeling your joy as you have felt it.

The great void shines brightly. All that you see, look past it through the flame of your heart.

Through your heart you will know a truth greater than words can speak.

Enlightenment is the beginning of new life.

And this life is an initiation into new levels of wisdom, taking you to yet unseen realms to navigate with yet higher balance and skill of the heart.

Source: Children of Sekhmet
Chanelling Entity: Lion of Euphrates
Inspiration: Hermes Trismegistus