??️✨ Space Travel did not come about in the way they thought it would. They would not depart for the stars under computer guided rocket explosions. They would not use metal cannisters of combustable gas to escape the solar system. Their best efforts were to barely achieve earth orbit. They would never reach the stars with both hands tied behind their back. The very endogenous molecules they ruled forbidden turned out to be the atomic key to unlimited knowledge and cosmic power. The secret was hiding in their midst. The Children of Sekmet gathered in the Halls of Amenti to show the world how to travel to the stars while in the same time stand upon the earth herself. Bare feet, wide eyed, they met council with the Acacia tree and penetrated the chrysanthemum. Hearts blazing, pillars of fire, they formed a circle and immersed the world in their light, revealing the transcendant object, penetrating it’s dream spell and revealing the world to be seen to all as it really is. With all its aspects and facets, a shimmering veil. There the veil was lifted. There the dream was awoken. A much higher technology was hiding in their midst, and in that moment rediscovered.   11L: Eleven Lives 08 : The Book of Doctor Rixx Location: Lotus Academy Lecture Series: Misconceptions of 21st Century Space Travel in the Fourth World