??️? The Chrysanthemum is a spiritual technology developed to focus consciousness through a single strand of awareness to create subjective realities. The Veil of the Chrysanthemum is the basis of the illusion of separation. The Chrysanthemum generates a veil by blocking out memories from before beings were born and neutralizing the extra dimensions they inhabit. The Chrysanthemum is the extra-sensory deprivation chamber that calibrates awareness to a 3-dimensional state from which human experiences arise. It is the hermetic seal that maintains the subjective sense of being and the illusion of separation. The Chrysanthemum produces a field of consciousness that is known by many more names: Śūnyatā The veil The void Ginnungagap The seventh Jhana The base of Nothingness By blocking extra dimensions, the Chrysanthemum field allows awareness to be fully submerged inside a variety of carbon based life forms and projected in 3D space. Past life memories are suppressed in order to further enhance the sense of immersion. Chrysanthemum fields are a common feature of most modern Merkaba vehicles and are optimized for diamond bodies to absorb the most wisdom from each life experience. 11L: Eleven Lives ENCYCLOPEDIA Entry: The Chrysanthemum Etymology: from Latin, from Greek khrusanthemon, from khrusos ‘gold’ + anthemon ‘flower’ “Around this time you may feel the veil of your chrysanthemum field weakening and extra dimensions may appear in your awareness. Breathe deeply and don’t panic, this is part of routine frequency upgrades.” – Unknown Channeller
Transfiguration by Alex Grey pictures a human form transcending into The Chrysanthemum.