If you’re staring blankly, take it from me-
Infinity is where you want to be.

In it forever you can see; you can comprehend reality.
And if infinity is what you see, infinite you’ll forever be.

Just here and now, it’s you an eye, caught between reflecting minds.
Consciously balancing life on teeth, breaking down what you will come to be.
Riding on the edge of time, living life until you die.

How and what? We’ve come to ask. We’re nothing but the distant past.
This abstract space is really free so take it where you want to be.
If nothing you think, then nothing you’ll be-
that’s mighty tastless food you’ll eat.

There is no concrete way to see, think for yourself and yourself you’ll be.
On and forever you’ll be set free, exactly where you want to be.

The world I’m in just isn’t enough.
I must set out to destroy it at once!

Downward spiral, so blatantly you. Never, you still scream, nothing is new.
Declaring your presence, to lure in the blind.
Making your catch, then breaking their minds.

Even you can’t forge straight lines, and time will laugh if you give it a try.
If never you say, then never you’ll be. While on and for ever, we’ll be set free.

Anything ever,
If you know how.
A rising wave just falling

We’re racing,
At an unbearable pace.
Up on this crest,
The wave will break.

Where it was so high and tall,
Slum tumbling down, the first to fall:



Will echo,
And let it be heard.
Mistakes from reality must be learned.

There is nowhere but straight down to go,
when life you hate, and time’s your foe.
We must learn ourselves from history, or forever on it will repeat.

Realize your reality-
Then spiral on to be set free.

We choose to enter this whole show, it’s such an elaborate game, you know.
Perpandicular to what we are, a human game and you’re the form.

If truth is what you aim to be, well then the truth shall set you free.
Just balance here and let it pass. Nowhere now, and you’ll laugh last.

Worst that happens, lose ballance and die-
waking up to clear void light.

Above all time, a massive mind, it found itself in quite the bind:
So sparkling bright, I just can’t see.
How is it I’ll come to be?

It paused for a moment thoughtfully, then answered itself with certainty:
I’ll manifest reality!
Experience light subjectively.
I’ll discover myself, through time to know;
Then forever on, enjoy the show.

To a trillion pieces the universe blew,
Then just like that, now here is you.

A smashing idea, I must commend,
But who does it smash, and when will it end?

When we die, I guess we’ll see-
Spiralling into infinity.

A threat to some the truth will be. From it they’ll attempt to flee.
But they threaten no one but themselves. Back into the void, illusion will melt.

Time spirals through reality, breaking what will come to be.
Ever, to eternity, then through and past infinity.

We’re so below, yet so above;
Tiny small, towering tall above.

Welcome to reality,
Now spiral on to be set free.

On and on and on it flows;
Till words break down, and on it goes.