the fire has drained from our eyes
the day haunts in the night
edge of mind on the edge of time
spiralling way out of line

sleep for twelve hours, and never wake up
awake in all hours and never quite sleep

it’s the dreams that invade
from the days that enslave
all stealing away from just being

the sun burns all day, beautiful fire
it can’t see itself, though all may admire
deep and dark in a hole
running away with nowhere to go

creating illusions reflecting the toil and
destruction of that from which it recoils

into the hole, burning our souls
a layer of all we just can’t not see
so prevelant there, it burns to run free

claws stuck in the back
no turning back
deadlines with blood dripping down
drown without making a sound

communication screams at the mind
ears numb to vibrations that hum in the night
this deep dark hole, how it wakes in a fright.

it’s all around, going straight down
the attachement that binds all stuck here
the enslavment that begs destroy its own fear

we’ve nothing to tell the sun as we run
off to leave his sparkling show

no justification
conditioned so low

we leave life to burn in the night
soul fire tearing through layers of mind
breaking it down, driving a frown
draining the fire from our eyes.