@NuwanShilpa asked X.

This is a great koan: “What is consciousness?” I tried solving this and it brought me to an elevated state.

I understand consciousness in two parts, 1) pure awareness and 2) the manifestations of consciousness.

Pure awareness is like a white light and consciousness is a patterned kaleidoscope that colors the light as it shines through.

All of consciousness is a shadow play of this one light.

No color in the fractal prism of consciousness is brighter than the pure light that illuminates it.

Consciousness is a paradox of polarized energy that when the equation is solved cancels out to equal infinity and returns to the one pure light.

Consciousness is a matrix of aggregates that constructs virtual realities for itself and then inhabits them.

Consciousness is the recursive reflection of a primal desire incarnated in its own imaginal dream world, manifesting as a thought within a feedback with memory to create a fully immersive World Tree for pure awareness to explore.