Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom”.

This, That and the Other Shore

They on the other shore would call that shore this and this shore other – but to even think in words of something as ‘other’ would return them to this shore. Thus to those to which there appear ‘shores’, that undescribable one remains eternally other.


Artists master visual perception
to create perfect illusions.

Programmers master high concept
to write efficient code.

Musicians master theory
to play beauty spontaneously.

Martial artists master balance
to defeat their opponents.

War lords master deception
to confuse and destroy their enemies.

Athletes master the body
to move as one with the mind.

Philosophers master contemplation
to describe the invisible.

And Bodhisattvas master themselves
to benefit all beings.


Mindfulness is the heart of equanimity;
to practice this is to go beyond form.

Wanting Nothing

Wanting Nothing
is still wanting somthing
which is Nothing.

Getting Nothing
takes knowing something-
that only when wanting is forgotten
is nothing realized.

Forgetting Nothing
is remembering that
there is nothing left to get.

Thus, having Nothing
is wanting everything-
while remembering
it is already yours.

The Wisdom of Silence

Forcing the wisdom of silence
is the grossest gesture of all,

as to shout for silence above a racket
contradicts the gross effect
of it’s ambition.

It’s like trying to calm a choppy pond
with your hand.

Though obscuring the wisdom of silence
is to embrace it far beyond hope of propogation.

Thus, soft practice stirs
mild in other’s presence-

observing the subtle gleam
of seeing all’s transparency
move into the eyes of others.

Yet to propogate this silence is,
in the measure of it’s own world-

The Grosser Mind

The condition of a gross mind propogates
much like a party filled with people talking grows loud,
as people raise their voices to be heard over the others
until all are shouting violently.

Trapped in the shallowest common paradigm,
even the most profound statement
is easily drowned out by the mockery of fools.

Yet long after the party has been abandoned,
the gross mind remains trapped
in the hallucination of the collective ignorance,
shouting as it roams through even peacful realms
as though it were the only way to garner attention.


01. Suffering

Just as when you touch steam you feel heat
and when you touch ice you feel cold-
when you embrace sombody with joy it will enter them,
and when they love you, you will feel it.

Also know that when you come in contact
with sombody who is suffering in a mental sphere,
you will feel suffering of the same nature that they feel.

The tension of a suffering mind
naturally propogates through communication pathways
such as eye contact, speech, or body language.
A short suffering may propogate out of compassion,
or a long suffering may arise out of defence.

02. Propogation of Suffering

The delusional mind grossly projects thoughts
to obscure the sensitivity
perceived to be the gateway of suffering.

This sheild continues to obscure awareness
long after the form it desensitised has receded,
as it’s condition continues to delude consciousness
from the infinite potential of being.

So just as a dog fearfully barks into the night
with the hope of scaring away it’s attacker,
a defensive mind charges into the world
carrying the memory of suffering like a flaming stick,
and bearing the weight of battle armor,
ignorantly burns itself and others with it,
provoking otherwise peaceful beings
into this defensive state.

03. Compassion

The compassionate mind might consciously surrender blissful states
to absorb another’s suffering, and with it’s faculty of concentration,
adopt within a nested sphere of it’s awareness
the delusional paradigm which is a cause of suffering.

With the wisdom attained by observing
it’s own escape from these shadows,
the compassionate mind may feel responsibility
to formulate an antidote to this suffering,
and experiment with ways to communicate it
in terms that the delusional paradigm might cognize.

04. Propogation of Compassion

A pragmatic antidote will invoke the conditions
which inversely reflect suffering
into insight transcending the delusional state .

The delusional mind with this insight must manifest
a practice of the antidote with the faculty of it’s own energy
for it to bare any effect, alongside which
the compassionate mind may help to offer guidance.

A delusional mind might observe the insight yet fail to practice the antidode;
yet all the suffering experienced in presence of this insight
will act as fuel to ignite a practice manifesting the inverse reflection
of it’s condition into a compassionate state
which might also decide to propogate.

Defilement perception

One who clearly perceives
the archetypal defilements abiding within one’s self,
while investing no volition in their form’s projection,
sees deeply into the suffering of others
and so develops compassion towards them
abiding in the realization of primal unity.

( dissolving the density of ignorant habits
liberates the burning house of attachment
in which the enemies thirst and contention arise )


Good contends with bad
so much as it is good.

Thus bad,
reflecting the contention of good,
makes good better.

Without bad,
better is good
and good is bad.

So high as life is good
and so much as it is real,
death does not exist,

as when only one prevails
it is divided by contrast.

When all is embraced
as a token of one’s own projection
truth shimmers on the wave’s edge,

and this truth contends with nothing
as it is everything.


Water relaxes into any form
and so is formless.

It’s perfectly thin surface
reflects surrounding light
with unconditioned clarity.

Eternally settling to perfection
and flowing back into it’s source.

Moved by the slightest breeze,
yet carving deep valleys.

Tumbling great heights
without injury.

Effortlessly separating into many drops
running back into one sea.